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26 / Female / Single
Eat my.., Florida - United States
Hello love~

I just want to play!

Let me quickly go through the rules before we can get to the fun!
My fav's but I mix and match <3
1. Romance
2. Erp/b*sm romance
4. Medieval times

-Third person only!
-You add, you talk first!
- Use punctuation please. If I can't read it/understand it, I will ask for a rewrite or I may not reply for a bit.
-don’t come in character, it’s weird honestly to me.. and just because my pfp is of a character does not mean they’re what I am playing or what I only play..
-Don't be a dick! Don't spam, you spam you get blocked <3
-Help me plot something thankkss! <3
-I love adult/mature content! Yes that means certain things! No I will not be your dom!
-Have a character and character reference ready or before we play or else I will cancel the playdate.

- I don't mind to play with canon characters! However! I am picky about who! I do have certain crushes for the canon verses or ships!

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