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(Dark Beauty)
28 / Female / Single and Looking
The Queen of Your Heart, California - United States
Multi-Character Account
21 Plus.
Only FxM Ships

I am a 21 plus roleplayer who seeks only other mature writers and has been actively in roleplay for the past ten years. I love to write romance, suspense and even a hint of adventure. I'm the type of roleplayer who will keep you on your toes. I create a different character for each roleplay that I am in and that character is single ship with the writing partner. I look forward to meeting you, and remember this is a no drama account. Let's all just have fun and write!

No rules- just respect and NO incest.

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I matter to me, if I matter to no one else at all. //Almost completely back besides one long rp that I Owe//
Mood: adored
3  Jan 13th 2021 00:38

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