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lilith_james's Blog


1. Housewife and handyman/Househusband and handy-woman.
2. College professor and student.
3. Librarian and active reader.
4. College athlete and coach.
5. Roommates
6. Forbidden Love
7. New Girl
8. Singer and Fan
9. Best Friends
10. Girl X Brother's best friend
11. Girl X Best friend's brother
12. Strip Club
13.Bar Tender
14. We are best friends and we both had secret crushes on each other since we were like 10 and we are around 16-19 now.
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Lilith James

|| General Information ||
Full Name: Lilith James
Gender: Female
Gender Role: Feminine
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Age: 19
Birthday: April, 26
Birthplace: Pahala, Hawaii

|| Physical Characteristics ||
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Silver Purple
Skin Tone: White
Build: Short, Athletic
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 130 lbs
Bra Size: 34 c
Piercing: Ears, nipples
Clothing Style: Casual or glamorous
Scent: Lavender

|| Personality ||
Posture: Slouchy
Gait: Quick, long strides
Habits and Mannerisms: Nail biting, lip biting
Hobbies/Interests: Fashion, Cheering, Makeup
Skills/Talents: Singing, playing guitar, funny
Strengths: Passion, stubbornness, strength
Flaws: Stubbornness, temper
Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate, sex
Signature Quote: "Every Cloud has a Silver Lining"
Music Taste: Soft rock, singer/songwriter

|| Romance/Sexual ||
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Lovers: A few men and women
Sex Life: Active and free
Turn-ons: Lip biting, hair play, massage, light touching, desperation, sex toys
Turn-offs: Too forward, no foreplay, egos
Dom/sub: Switch
Virginity: Experienced (although depends on the roleplay)
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