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Name:Kage Jael

Skills:Hand to Hand combat and manipulating
Weaknesses: Bright light

Kage is a very mysterious person, nobody can really tell what the male is thinking. One moment, you thought you could understand the male, but the next he pulls a complete 180 on you. Other than that, he's a pretty chill and relax man who is very easy to get along with.

Backstory: A long time ago, him and the rest of his family members would have this curse. All of them would be gained great abilities, but it comes with a huge price. They all have to stay in the same house together, they will never be normal humans, and they will always be view as monsters.
Kage is one of the youngest people who has to deal with every single adult who's normal. He would shut them up with his powers, but sometimes he would use his mouth to make sure they regret trying to mouth him. Since then, he's been pretty cocky around people and tries his best to not show any emtions around people.
One day, both of his parents would die out of an illness, but Kage never shown any emotions once. He thought of his parents as the same and just faking trying to defend him. The people started to blame Kage for their deaths, but Kage would ignore and continue his life like nothing happen.

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Name:Muriel Jael

Skills:He's very good at comfronting people and making them feel better or at least open up to him a bit more.

He's a very pure and sweet boy who cares about everyone. He always puts others before himself, and never once be a selfish person.

Backstory: A long time ago, Muriel and the rest of the family would have this curse. All of them would be gained great abilities but they have to be in the same house, never be normal, and will always be view as monsters.
Muriel was a pure and innocent angel, so the adults would mostly look up to him the most. But, some of them still hated his guts just because of that power.
His own parents hated and abandoned Muriel since he was a little kid. He tries to make them come back, but they didn't listen. So, he moved in with his aunt. His aunt also didn't seem to like him and ignore him everytime.
Most of the adults would take care of him, but it turns out most of them were using him to get good fortunes. Once they found out he couldn't do that, they negotiate and leave him alone. He was homeschool later on that year, but he learns most of his lessons all alone. He would also use this time to fly around the sky as an escape to reality.
During this time, Kage was born and the two would always fight since light and dark hated each other, like in the storytale.
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