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(Arwen Willowglen)
46 / Female / Forever Alone
Willowglen Residence, London - United Kingdom
❝ I'm a @librarian first, psychic medium second. ❞

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❝ i go BACK to BLACK

Damien DuVont | The Nocturne | The oldest DuVont

Marvel OC | Selective but friendly
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1  Sep 14th 2022 01:52

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Q. "I've got a bone to pick with you, Medium. Multiple, actually. But I'll tell you all of those in a second- Now just stay still,'kay?" Corinthian pulled his knife from his jacket.
A. Arwen backed away from the nightmare. "You. You stay away from me. You have no business here, and no reason to attack me like you're meaning to do-"
 Aug 16th 2022 23:03

hydra asked the question
Q. Sometimes the world worked in wonderful ways.

Del had found herself in London for a job, which between rehearsals and performances, didn't expect her to be couped up at the hotel for too long. Which was perfect - Del could finally visit that woman who invited her round all that time ago.

After visiting a few places, Del finally retrieves the address, and begins to make her way to this cottage she'd thought so much about.

She gives the door a gentle knock and waits patiently.
A. Arwen had been working on a recent client. They wanted to know a certain painting's journey through history.

When a knock came to her door, she quickly laid the book down and went to answer it.

"Del. How lovely to see you, come in, come in."

Arwen stepped aside, scooting a few piles of books with her feet. "Exscuse the mess. Too many books for the shelves..." Arwen gave a nervous laugh.
 Aug 16th 2022 07:50

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