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Today is a great day. I feel good today for the first time in what feels like forever. My arm finally isn't killing me. Thought I could type yesterday but could only manage a few sentences. Today will be full of typing and painting. Love you guys.
4  14 hours ago

Latest Questions

Q. Well. Thats good to hear. I was worried you got eaten by a pack of Wolves or Bloodsuckers
A. Nope not yet. But the opportunity is always on the table Haha.
 Feb 8th 2020 19:14

Q. So. Kat? You've been ignoring my calls? Last time we talked. We got together for drinks? You okay. You didn't die hunting did you? Well just text me or Call me when you get the chance - Magnus
A. I guess when it comes to me there is always the possibility that I did die on a hunt. That wouldn't really surprise anyone. I've been busy dancing actually, took a bit of a break from hunting.
 Feb 7th 2020 22:07

Latest Comments

“I am too. I hope it’s a good date for you… I tried my best to incorporate somewhere you could dress up and then dress down later in the same outfit like you asked. I’m looking forward to surprising you. It will be fun.”
Oct 25th 2021 23:47

“This song is everything I want with you… Just say you won’t let go.”
Oct 22nd 2021 16:43

“I want you forever
Even when we're not together
Scars on my body so I can take you wherever like…”
Oct 22nd 2021 15:58

“Me? Handsome? No way.”
Oct 21st 2021 23:42

“You got it.”
Oct 21st 2021 14:41

“Uh, I meant to ask. Favorite snack?”
Oct 21st 2021 14:33

“Yeah? I could do the same. I just want to be with you…”
Oct 20th 2021 18:50

“Oh my god. If I couldn’t like you anymore.” He laughed so hard he bent over holding his side. “Okay, okay. I’ve got a plan. I’ve got the perfect first date for us. I’m hope you love it.”
Oct 20th 2021 18:23

“Gonna make me think about it then… Alright. One more question. Favorite movie?”
Oct 20th 2021 18:17

“Mmm. Someone’s eager… I’ve got some ideas. Fancy or casual?”
Oct 20th 2021 17:18