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30 / Female / Single
Manhattan, New York - United States

!!!!!!!!!!!!18+ ONLY READ THE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!
**No Furies
**No Anime
**No Underage

Multi para to Novella writer. Characters can be molded to fit most storylines.

discord: lethalrose#3093

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Latest Status

// Still throwing up but determined to get some replies out today.
0  Dec 4th 2022 12:28

Latest Questions

Q. Well. Thats good to hear. I was worried you got eaten by a pack of Wolves or Bloodsuckers
A. Nope not yet. But the opportunity is always on the table Haha.
 Feb 8th 2020 19:14

Q. So. Kat? You've been ignoring my calls? Last time we talked. We got together for drinks? You okay. You didn't die hunting did you? Well just text me or Call me when you get the chance - Magnus
A. I guess when it comes to me there is always the possibility that I did die on a hunt. That wouldn't really surprise anyone. I've been busy dancing actually, took a bit of a break from hunting.
 Feb 7th 2020 22:07

Latest Comments

“I fully intend on marrying you and seeing you in a white wedding dress… very soon.”
Nov 22nd 2022 19:36

He smirked and leaned in softly kissing her lips, as he held her close, slowly pulling out of the kiss he smiled looking at her. "Was it worth the wait or do you need another one?"
Nov 6th 2022 19:26

He chuckled looking at her as he gently grabbed her hand and pulled her close whispering. "Don't I owe you a kiss?"
Nov 6th 2022 18:50

"If only you came to kill me in that dress, I might have let you."
Nov 6th 2022 17:36

“I love you so much more than you could know.”
Nov 3rd 2022 15:32

“We will get you through this. If I have to put everything on hold… we will make this work.”
Oct 23rd 2022 17:03

Well please to meet you hun
Oct 22nd 2022 17:51

Hello there, My name is Dean Winchester
Oct 22nd 2022 17:44

" Ah, don't mention it. The least I could do after disappearing off the face of the world. "
Sep 28th 2022 19:53

"I will keep that in mind!! " He smiled warmly
Sep 28th 2022 18:46