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(Liam Taylor)
20 / Male / Its Complicated
Alabama - United States
Hi! I am liam! I’m a romance roleplayer! I have been writing and role playing since I was 11, so I’ve seen it all. I’m down for any plots, I’m down to edit my characters to fit those plots, and I’m always down for a sweet romance story! I also do have variety and can combine romance with any other genre.
I have pictures of all of my characters in my gallery, if you ever need more info or images of them I can provide! (All drawings are mine :p)
I only like running a couple rps at a time, so if I do not add back its because I already have rps going on.

Fandoms: jojos, Mandela catalog, baldur’s gate 3, subnautica, overwatch 2 (kind of), spider man (doc oct specifically), fnaf, undertale/deltarune


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