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leah's Blog

Leah Fendar

<< Leah can be changed to fit a variety of genres. She is my Oc I use more commonly than not! This information is subject to change depending on the genre! >>


First Name: Leah
Last Name: Fendar
Nickname: None
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Species: Human
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Birthday: 7/25
Life Story: Leah was born to two loving parents. She had a wonderful upbringing, and now seeks to become an architect. She lives with her lifelong best friend Kenji and his boyfriend Eli


Eye Color: Yellow
Hair Color: Red
Highlights: None
Hair Style(s): Low pigtails, bun, ponytail, twin buns with hair down, hair down normally
Skin tone: Dark brown
Body type: Hourglass
Height: 5'5"

About her

Personality: Kind, intelligent, gentle, thoughtful, empathetic and passionate
Good Habits: Helping others, volunteering, daily routines, very clean
Bad habits: Nail biting, forgetful
Likes: coffee, reading, gardening, playing with her 3 dogs, cozy clothes, warmth, music
Dislikes: Angry or aggressive people, spiders, the dark, pain
Allergies: None she knows of

Talents and Dreams

Ambition/dream: Architect
Current Job: Photographer at the local paper

Family and Friends

Parents: Dean and Lucas Fendar
Siblings: Lilian, Harvey (female, ages 8, 14 respectively)
Relatives: 2 uncles, grandparents on 1 side
Best Friend: Kenji
Friends: Eli, Eleanor
Pets: 3 dogs, all brown labradors named: Violet, Honey, Flora
Rivals: None
Enemy: None


Scent: Light floral scent (daisy by marc jacobs)
Blood type: B+
Outfits: Anything warm and cozy. When going out she may opt to dress a bit more revealing
Accessories: her rings, necklaces, bracelets and piercings
Makeup: Usually wears, highly skilled
Scars: One along her thigh from where she got in a car crash as a child
Tattoos: All down her left thigh covering the scar, a large mass of flowers and leaves
Piercings: 7 in left ear (1 industrial, double helix, rest are lobes), 5 in right, nipples, bellybutton


Theme Song/Quote: (see profile for quote written by me)
Favorite Foods: Anything sweet or soft. Hates crunchy foods
Favorite Drinks: Coffee, tea (sometimes), flavored milk
Favorite Colors: Light purple, blue, green, orange
Favorite Animals: Her dogs, of course!
Favorite Number: 13
Favorite Season: Fall
Favorite Holiday: None
Favorite Time of Day: Evening

Reference image below!

(template found by google on deviantart by carmelitamontayafox !)
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ꕥ You must be over 18 to roleplay with me! Also, no "real life" profiles. It's weird!
(No furry profiles either. I'm sorry, but it's not for me)

ꕥ If you request, please message me first. I will do the same if I requested you.

ꕥ No one liners!

ꕥ Respect my boundaries!

ꕥ Please try not to send more than one message at a time, I might not see it

ꕥ NO traumatizing (noncon), aggressive (abuse) or scary (horror/yandere) themes!

ꕥ Don't be rude!

ꕥ I do have email alerts turned on for when I get messages, so do not feel discouraged in messaging me if I am offline. I will likely still get the alert, and hop on to check!

ꕥ If I remove you, I will provide a reason beforehand. Don't spam me and make posts about me. Sometimes, things just do not work out and that needs to be okay. My first attempt is always to discuss the issue first before removal!

ꕥ Use literacy! Punctuation, spelling, and use you're/your, to/too and their/they're/there correctly! Need help? Here are the examples :)

Your: "Your shirt is blue."
You're: "You're sure you want to go there?"
To: "We went to the mall."
Too: "I wanted to go to the mall too."
Their: "That's their opinion."
They're: "They're coming at 3pm."
There: "The mall is over there."

ꕥ An addendum to the last rule. I am aware not everyones first language is English or that dyslexia is a factor, and that's okay! Definitely utilize programs like Grammarly to help if you'd like :)

1. I will not roleplay with mean, aggressive or abusive male characters
2. I don't want references (I know it's odd, but I don't! Just describing is fine)
3. None of my characters are heterosexual, but this does not mean I will do threesomes or harems for you! Don't be creepy.

1. I also do not want to play with mean, aggressive characters.
2. References are more than fine!
3. Please do not ask me to do M/F/F! Let's keep it F/F

1. I am not a guy, so I don't feel overly comfortable playing masculine men. I prefer playing more feminine guys.

If you read these, tell me your favorite flower or your favorite song! Click the heart as well! Love you all!
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