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(Miles Morales)
22 / Male / Single and Looking
Queens, New York - United States
Just your friendly neighborhood ultimate Spiderman

Yes I do have OCs that I will eventually list in my blog. Most of them are characters for Marvel or DC.

I don't really have any rules to think of. I do prefer descriptive roleplays but one liners are cool just not all the time.

I also watch a little anime just ask if I seen it if you want to role play anything.

I hate coming up with the plot on my own unless I put it in my blog please come up with one with me.

Welp that's all for now see you soon.

Latest Questions

Q. Hey its been a while
A. Yooo yeah it has
 Jun 16th 2019 23:07

Latest Comments

Wanna continue our roleplay?
Jun 27th 2019 01:39

"I'm with it. May as well get some patrols in while we're at it."

Thwipp. Spurt of a webline in the air.

"You know I get to call you Spider-sidekick or something when people try to distinguish us, though." Small grin under his mask.

The webline connecting to the ledge of a roof in the near distance. Spider-Man diving off the side of the building.

"What've you been up to lately? How's school? How's life?"

Free-falling. Webline in hand.
Jun 15th 2018 11:25

Dangling upside down from a webline. "What's up yourself, kid. Didn't know you were back in town. What's the occasion?"
Jun 13th 2018 22:34

Thanks for accepting my friend request! >.<
Apr 8th 2018 23:46

"So you must be the other Spider-Man from another dimension. You must be aware of my other counterpart, but be aware as I am the true Doom..."
Mar 16th 2018 19:10

Mar 16th 2018 15:27

Thanks for roleplay!
Mar 16th 2018 12:57