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(Max Matthews)
25 / Male / Single
United States
The name's Max. Max Matthews. I love to roleplay. I mainly don't get into roleplays right away. I first come with a few ideas to discuss and am open to brainstorm more ideas. My main ideas are fantasy, medieval, romance, and modern. I can do one-liners, but I like Semi and Para the most. I can also roleplay off of this site on Discord if you'd like.

Thanks for reading my bio and Hope to talk to you soon!

Latest Questions

Q. i'm having trouble sending you messages, but no, you're not judged for what you write as. you're safe!(@^◡^)
A. Okay. Thanks!
 Oct 15th 2020 23:28

Q. Hey just wondering if you’re still on? Sorry I got to you a bit late!
A. I'm still on!
 Sep 26th 2020 23:49

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