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(Cassandra Stills)
22 / Female / Single
Ohio - United States
“Mate, I was once as much a subject of the Crown as you are. However, that time passed. And, judging by where you’re currently standing, I don’t think you’re exactly in the best position to be making declarations of loyalty.”


Alright then, I'm Jessica. I play OCs, the main of which is a pirate by the name of Cassandra Stills, though she has several AUs that can be applied to her, including an Outlaw!AU for Wild West themes and a Modern!AU, and I'm willing to adapt further. Though she is my main, I also have a couple of others, feel free to ask. I'm open to most anything.

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Q. BOOP! up to rp?
A. Sorry for the late reply! Sure!
 Feb 3rd 2023 19:38

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