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kittenpurrs's Blog

* blaze's kinks || 18+ || DARK THEMES AHEAD

if you've read the title and still clicked, then youre well aware that this list will consist of some dark/taboo topics. i do ask that you keep in mind that i am an SA victim and i dont take anyone's triggers/trauma lightly, so nothing contained in this list is at all required by any means, they are merely suggestions.

now, with that out of the way, here's a list of mine and blaze's kinks :

- noncon
- somnophilia
- pet play
- s&m
- blood play
- ear play
- pet names
- shock collars
- biting + scratching
- teasing + grinding
- binding
- kidnapping
- praise
- affection + aftercare
- kissing + oral fixation
- face sitting
- breeding

my only limits/triggers are that i don't do proshipping ( p*dophilia, inc*st, etc ) and eyeball gore specifically. if you're unsure about something, just ask, i wont bite. ♡

also blaze is 90% submissive, so she won't take on a dominant role unless it's something her partner wants, do keep that in mind.

( will update as i see fit )
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* blaze's character info

name: blaze
age: 22 y/o
gender: nonbinary ( she / they )
species: beast kin ( cat-type )
sexuality: panromantic/demisexual

height & weight: 5 ft 4 in , around 200Ibs
hair: short in the back, two long pieces framing her face ( think of vocaloid gumi's hairstyle ) naturally white like her fur, but split-dyed to be lavender + pink
eyes: black. pupils are able to dilate and contract vastly like a cat's eye
birth marks: hearts on her cheeks ; a freckle on the left side of her chest
tattoos / piercings / etc: nipple piercings ! ♡
clothing: normally sports an oversized t-shirt ( no pants ) and pink bejeweled belled collar, but enjoys a rather cutesy / lolita type style
distinguishing features: bags under eyes, doesn't shave, so is covered in body hair ( it's actually fur, it's very soft ♡ ) , has paw pads on both her hands and feet
voice characteristics: very high and soft, gets even higher when she's excited
voice claim : cat valentine from victorious
physical fitness: chubby gorl !! despite this, she is very flexible
mental state: suffers from insomnia and paranoia. also neurodivetgent ( ADHD + ASD )

personality: an eccentric catgirl who seems to be all over the place. she can come off a tad too strongly at times, but has always had the mindset that it's better to be her most authentic self so that people can decide whether to accept her right then and there. blaze takes pride in being the cringiest person in the room.
illnesses : C-PTSD , recovering from depression + anxiety
one strength: she's rather stubborn and deadset on her beliefs, having a good sense of morality and knowing right from wrong.
one weakness: still a bit of a pushover, but hey. she's working on it.

abilities : shifting ( is able to take a humanoid form or that of an actual cat ) , can consume raw meat, pretty much anything a cat can do she can

( art belongs to me uwu )
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* blaze's roleplay rules

hey besties ♡
right here's just a list of rules and things to expect n stuffs

1. minors do NOT add or interact. there will be no exceptions to this as my page will contain adult content i dont wanna expose to you kiddos.

2. NO IRL OR CELEBRITY PICS. they make me v uncozy fr fr

3. please dont approach me in character i will literally not respond if you do

4. also please PLEASE try to be somewhat literate of a writer. im not normally one to preach about perfect grammar ( especially since i usually type in all lowercase ) but if i cant understand what you're saying i am simply not gonna be able to write with ya buddy.

5. on the topic of writing, i like to consider myself a pretty detailed writer,, i really don't ask for a whole lot, but i generally don't accept oneliners or anything that isn't written in the third person, sorry </3

6. i've rped on this website before and had several experiences where people messaged me asking me to portray a different character- don't do that. blaze is the character i have chosen and will be writing for. if you're wanting something else, i am not the one.

7. i am not going to be active all of the time, so if that's going to be an issue i understand. that doesn't warrant you getting on my ass about it however. i have a life outside of this place. ( though the best way to contact me is through my discord, if we become good enough friends i'll consider adding you there ♡ )

8. as most of my potential roleplays will be touching some pretty intense topics- please discuss triggers with me ! i would feel absolutely terrible if i accidentally hurt someone </3

9. proshippers = blocked. period.

10. i am autistic and cant read tone very well through text so i'd really appreciate it if you used tone indicators when speaking to me ooc ♡

11. i do sfw rps as well as nsfw rps, so just let me know which one it is youre down for

( cant think of anything else to add rn- will update as i see fit )
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