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If you are a trump cult follower do not add me. You don't even know who the president is. We had an election.
Joe Biden is the rightful president. Leave the cult and think for yourself.

0  Mar 1st 2021 13:59

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haha glad to hear it. Someone has to go down into that dark cellar or alley. Horror is a great genre
Feb 22nd 2021 16:25

Ex goth with some cool interest. Thanks for friending
Feb 22nd 2021 16:22

I really love our rp
Feb 22nd 2021 14:18

i love you
Jan 13th 2021 14:55

If you haven't responded, and I sent you a happy new year greeting, I will be unfriending you. I'm not about collecting friends in quantity.
Jan 8th 2021 09:59

Finding good partners doing revenge rps.
Dec 9th 2020 15:28

The election has altered the names of the 2 parties. There is the democracy party and the repugnant party.
Nov 10th 2020 22:40