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19 / Female / Single
Texas - United States
5 5 125 longer dark hair currently, that weird girl in school, working at an amazon center, afternoon shift, previously was a waitress but wasnt making good tips, no current boyfriend, or girlfriend, better add that, close to my older sister, my shopping buddy. not meeting people id date, was goth awhile in school, sat at the goth lunch table , only group that would put up with me. more a sarcastic bitch than a sweetheart, but i do like dressing up all feminine for formal dates like prom or weddings, actually met a few of the guys i dated at receptions, so i must act more girly at those affairs maybe the clothes define me, or it was playing dressup so much in my early years. so i can be a Barbie doll. i will date nerds, they put up with me. im the one who argued with the teacher or picked the opposite opinion on issues just to keep them from staying on their lesson plan schedule, no real best girlfriends, my sister is my rock.

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being the new girl, I just got transferred to a location with a lot employees who tested positive, I start today .
Mood: worried
1  Jul 12th 2020 11:58

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