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mental illness innit

moonjo suffers from the following: ( plz look them up if u dont know what they are am lazy to explain. ❤ btw these are all hcs only canon one i think he is is sociopath )

histrionic personality disorder

slight narcissism and god complex

sociopathy ( i will explain this one a bit bc its not rhs same as psychopathy! meaning moonjo definitely still feels emotions n empathy and he does know whats right and wrong. ' those with antisocial personality disorder tend to lie, break laws, act impulsively, and lack regard for their own safety or the safety of others ' though the act impulsively is rare for moonjo. he does have some control of his life. )

depersonalization/derealization disorder

minor separation anxiety disorder

minor bipolar

autophobia - fear of being abandoned by the people he loves specifically
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headcanons ( & nsfw hcs too )


. moon-jo has good vision, though with something he must focus on real closely such as teeth he wears his glasses.

. moon-jo both has scars from victims as well as self harm, so he always wears long sleeves outside no matter the temperature and in the residence unless he is showering.

. loves classical music, he finds it calming.

. all pronouns.

. his brain has made him forgot his past trauma just before ms. eom took him in. he doesn't remember anything in the orphanage or his home life. but the memory can spark up. if he is truly abandoned without knowing a way of getting them back, or being struck and abused without a reason. ( such as you hitting him randomly. ) it may clear the fog around those years.

. he wants love, and he attaches easily, and he falls in love quickly. but within that love, he would want to always break them. to turn them into a killer like him. you can't love him without this. not all his victims are people he love. he often falls for people immediately and can tell if he likes them or not. if he didn't like you' you'd be immediately or quickly used for his deeds or food. ( deeds being making your teeth into jewelry. )

. he likes to make charms for the people he loves, always teeth. a necklace.. bracelet.. ring. sometimes it's someone from the person they love.

. he is biromantic and demi-bisexual, meaning he falls in love quickly which kinda dilutes the demi but still. he won't have sex until he has an emotional bond, which is often quickly for him. but he won't do anything until you're closer to him as well.

nsfw hcs

. d*ck size is 8⁹, close to 9 inches ;)

. sexual chameleon, generally doesn't care what position or power role he takes, as long if he can take control time to time, he likes to switch around. whether it be power bottoming, a brat bottom, being a service top or a dom.

. has a mouth kink, especially with teeth.

. also has a praise kink. he WILL praise you and worship you. if he truly loves you, he will.

. he will take his time, he wants to know every inch of your body, how it makes you feel and how it reacts to his touches.

. he is actually a virgin, he hasn't had sex before because he never sleezes around and he's often at work or with ms. eom at eden apartments. and his latest masterpiece was far too easy, and sure, he may have had some feelings for him but the reason he cried when killing him was because it was like frankenstein and his creation. he ruined his creation, because it wasn't right.

. d*ck sucking lips or p**sy eating lips ykno

. blood play

. biting/scratching

. choking / breath play

. facials

. knife play

. likes positions like against the wall, over a desk or doggy style, but he likes intimate positions as well.
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moonjo didn't have a good childhood, abused from not only his father but his mother specifically. he tore him up inside, always having to be picture perfect for them in the outside world while turning his home into a personal hell. from mental to physical abuse he broke completely and snapped to the start of his horrible obsession and nature. after setting his house on fire and watching his parents be ate up in the flames he was sent to a orphanage. which is where he meets boksoon or more formally known as ms eom. she raised him as his own, and soon he realized she was not any better with her treatment but she indulged him -- no, shaped him to be the killer together. side by side they were unstoppable, slaughter anyone they deemed good for their lunches and/or annoyed them.

as moonjo grew to the young man he actually was able to attend college and live a pretty normal life in the outside just like his parents taught him while behind doors him and ms eom did what they did best. sadly though moonjo is definitely not perfect and suffering from sh, he has scars lathering his entire arms which is why he always wears long sweaters or shirts no matter the temperature. at a very young age he even started to pull out his baby teeth and collected all of them, of course he found it useless to pull out his permanent teeth but he loved them. teeth were so beautiful.


to create something by destroying something else was a beautiful art forms in his eyes.

after finally graduating he was able to be a certified dentist and being one of the best in the offices he worked at. for years him and ms eom traveled different areas so complete their work, always renting out a complex of sorts and creating apartments. all attendees would be slaughtered for food, and for moonjos art unless they wanted it to which they would be used until the end and killed in the end. it isn't long until they grow older and finally end up on eden apartments where they had their own pack, deukjong and his twin brother, deuksoo. then there was nambok the pervert, and kihyeok which was one of moonjos artworks he recently was able to get him to be like the group. of course with the help of everyone else. then there's heejong the newest attendee who seems to hate them all and he can't wait for him to be gone. a nuisance never helped no one. and that is what fills most of moonjos story still some cracks are left unfilled for simple mystery.
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1. first things first, romance is possible and most likely something to happen but it's not going to be rainbows and unicorns. moon-jo is a murderer and a torturer who finds pleasure in breaking minds so they can kill along side him. more worth than anyone he forces to kill under his 'rule' and 'order' out of fear. love will be soft, sure. perhaps when the torture and mind break is over. partners in crime is definitely possible. but hey, if you're not into that, a little bit of ooc won't hurt anyone.

2. smut is a okay and i even enjoy writing it, though please see that moon-jo, despite his ways isn't immensely sexual until in a close relationship. he doesn't sleeze around despite him attaching to people quickly. give it some time before sex or anything. i'm happy to let it happen but not too quickly when the rp starts.

3. please write with decent grammar if you are a native english speaker. if you aren't i get it, but please try and use grammar and spell right and use punctuation. capitalization is optional, i don't do it but if you want me to due to reading issues i can definitely use caps.

4. treat me with kindness. i am not my character and i am actually very sweet. my pronouns are he/crow/bat and plz respect them! moon-jo is cis but he is alright with any pronouns. it, he, she, they, he doesn't care. call him blood or gore or anything too.

5. i have a life and cannot always be on, so please give me a week before messaging me to see if i am on.

6. i prefer writing a starter and going from there, as it's easier than making a whole plot.

7. have fun. i'm very lax and nice, so please take it easy!

8. i am also open to putting this profile in a relationship with another, but keep in mind this doesn't stop me from writing romance in dms with others. and if romance is with our profiles, then you're not in a relationship with me, your character is in one with moonjo. and please keep in mind for this you must have a rp that has their relationship already in it. if you wish to talk to me about it then please talk to me in dms. but i will decline unless our characters our in a relationship in rp. and first come first serve.

9. don't rush me please. connected to rule 5.
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