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judeass's Blog

character info

+General Information+

First name: judas
Middle name: elijah
Surname: young
Age: 23
Date of birth: January, 21st, 1998
Race: caucasian
Gender: male
Sexuality: homosexual
Current residence: New York
Relationship status: Single { multi li until he finds the one }:

+Traits of Voice+

Language spoken: English
Other languages known: bit of French
Style of speaking: discursive, loquacious
Volume of voice: can be a bit loud, doesn't know how to whisper at all.

+Physical Appearance+

Height: 6'0
Weight: 160
Eye colour: nut brown
Skin colour: white
Distinguishing features: tattoos covering his face, hands and body. nails are usually painted black.
Build of body: scawny
Hair colour: dyed many colours ( usually pink )
Complexion: smooth, pale
Posture: shoulders slump the slightest from hunching over so much
Tattoos: many. too many to explain
Piercings: septum, left nostril
Typical clothing: baggy as f***
Is seen by others as: skinny stoner emo boy


Likes: music, parties, drugs, debates, animals - like all of them, ah-men, religions, tattoos, emo boys, big dik punk bf, memes, cookies and milk but freezing cold milk, sh*tty tats
Dislikes: loud people even though he's loud himself, chalk, bong water smell, pigeon noises, off-putting smells like old food, dentist, bad haircuts, no sleep
Education: drop out
Fears: arachnophobia (spiders), autophobia (being alone), hemophobia (blood)
General attitude: anarchy, my way or the high way, a complete jokester
Religious values: none
General intelligence: pretty smart but portrays himself as an idiot
General sociability: extremely approachable and friendly, can be a bit offputting at times and snappy but other than that, extremely sociable


Illnesses: c-ptsd, fibromyalgia,
Allergies: cats, peanuts, onions
Sleeping habits: never sleeps. night owl.
Energy level: depending on the manic episode; can do 100 to -100 real quick. when exhausted and not sleeping for days on end, he finally hits a middle.
Eating habits: bad. very bad.
Memory: bad. caused by trauma. vivid memories come here and there where he will shut down for days.
Any unhealthy habits: many drugs, alcohol abuse, cigarette smoking, nail biting, teeth clenching, not sleeping


Birth country: U.S.A
Hometown: Chicago, Illinios
Childhood: not many memories from these days. when most trauma occurred.parents were around for very short period of time, was neglected before being removed. was in and out of foster homes, suffered a lot of abuse from both biological and foster parents.
Teen years: rebel years. when he found drugs. the first time he got a tattoo was 15. lost virginity around the same time. got his nose pierced for the 1st time. removed the piercing eventually. tried to become a normal part of society.
Adult years: diagnosed with c-ptsd and fibromyalgia. got on disability. smokes weed all day, every day. re-pierced nose and pierced septum. more tattoos. so many f***ing tattoos. on and off relationships. some more abuse. drug abuse. alcohol abuse. loneliness.


Parents: samson young, lianne young
Children: N/A
Friends: still in the process of getting some, maybe your name will be here one day.
Best friends: ^
Love interest: { multi }


Peaceful or violent: both. leans on violent.
Weapon: switchblade or fists


Occupation: N/A
Current home: sh*t apartment in New York
Favourite types of food: cherries, pineapple, pizza ( not with the previous ), many sweets
Favourite types of drink: alcohol - vodka
Hobbies/past times: drawing, singing, dying his own hair
Guilty pleasures: come find out tho.
Pet peeves: loud chewing.
Pets: a corn snake named lyla
Favourite colours: pink
Favourite type of music: every kind of music but country

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rules / read before interacting

1: judas is blunt and sometimes doesn't consider other's feelings - if that bugs you then don't interact. i don't walk on eggs shells and neither will my character.

2: strictly ic when interacting, i don't mind ooc but at the same time i just prefer ic. no ooc drama goes with this rule as well.

3: no banging off the bat or romance right away. let's build it and see where sh*t goes. judas is a flirt and will flirt right away but he isn't one to just dive into it. take me on a date first type sh*t.

4: writer is 20. only will interact with 18+ - there will be n*fw things posted and talked about here. that be in sh*tposts or drabbles. if u don't like p0rn don't interact n delete lmao,, horny on main all the time

5: might be a lot of triggering content. i don't put warnings on many things cause i don't realize it until after that it could be triggering. i don't get triggered very easily myself and forget to put sh*t. if i offend you, trigger you or do anything to upset you, i truly apologize.

6: don't control judas.

7: don't message me just: wanna roleplay? it's why we all here. to write. i rarely plot things out or discuss sh*t, i prefer to go with the flow and just wing it. send me a random starter. judas can fit in any scenario, that's the whole point of him.

8: i can be pretty selective. i have auto accept on, so even if you are accepted - there is a chance i won't reply. i usually respond to everyone but hey, it is what it is. don't spam me or get upset.

9: i tend to send banter messages at first - a simple oneliner with *action* that turns into paragraph(s). i write third person but experiment with first from time to time.

10: writer goes by he/him. respect that or go away.

11: highkey distracted at times, don't rush or i won't reply.

kik: judearse
discord: sugarcrash#4871
twitter: judass420
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