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(stephanie Guerrero)
24 / Female / Single
Georgia - United States
i always had a dark side of me with a little cute to it. Im not a easy person to deal with because i am not afraid to tell it how it is, not like some people in the world. I wish i was born Asian, they all are so beautiful with wonderful skin like doll texture i wish i had. I envy them/ love them.

Dislike: fake people, two face back stabbers, cheaters, wannabes, crybabies, gold diggers, people killing animals for sport/people hurting animals, love love stuff eww.

Likes: Asians, puppies, all animals, anime, horror, pizza, Oreo ice-cream, squishes, coffins XD, zombies, my bed lol, spirt animal, dolphin, whales, old creepy houses, old people respect the elders, strong will people and people who dont give up on themselves.

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