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(Miko Kurokami)
24 / Male / Single
pullman, Washington - United States
For role-plays that have powers and non human characters:
Miko Kurokami (black god) with the meaning of his name his power is destructive, but there is a problem with him and his power. A god that is not known has died and gifted him the power to control every form of energy (and everything is made of energy and space and time [later i will tell you the draw for using this part of the power]). he also has either wolf or cat ears (depending on what state he is using his power [wolf means protecting of whom he is feeling e needs to protect] [cat means he is using his powers and there are limits]) also he has had a curse for the god that has giving him his power. he cant use it too full strength but that doesn't mean that he isn't powerful. it just means his power is incomplete and to make his power at it fullest his eyes turn the color that his wings were at the time and that pulls his life out of him and puts his body through a lot of stress and it could kill him (but normally is just makes him passes out before that happens). he comes from a family that was killed be a god that also killed the god that gave him his power. he also can make wings form be hind him and they are made of mainly purple energy but that can change

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