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(James Barnes)
105 / Male / In Love
New York - United States
call me bucky, most people do

pisces | old fart | loves to cook | bisexual
work in progress
*borat voice* mah wife @devereaux

|| admin : charlie | he/they | 21 | no minors
discord : syrupsurprise#9973
|| not new to role playing or this site just been gone for awhile, please be literate, 3rd person, discuss first don’t just send a starter ||

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Q. You should marry me again.
A. when and where sweetheart?
 Dec 7th 2022 22:16

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Chloé lips curled up in a smile, "Like our first time, you don't remember?"
Dec 7th 2022 16:18

"If I ask you real nice, can I get a private sparring season?"
Dec 7th 2022 13:39