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18 / Female / In Love
United States
hello, all! <3

i have a few rules, and i'd love you so, so much, if you follow them.

first of all, and this is a rule almost everyone uses. you add, you talk. which means, if you send me a friend request, please be the first one to talk. if you do not send me a greeting of some kind in the first 24 hours of me accepting my request, then i will most likely un-add you.

second, i will give you a second chance, if you do something wrong. but if this a never-ending occurrence, i will most definitely un-add you. excessive situations will receive an un-add and block.

third, please be straight forward with me, honesty is imperative to me. it may feel a little uneasy to reveal if you have any desired roleplays, but it's alright! life can be a bit uncomfortable sometimes.

not necessarily a rule, but this account is not someone to roleplay with. i also would love to emotionally connect with some of you, which i believe would make our roleplays more enjoyable.

i hope we'll enjoy each other's company! <3

p.s. if you have read all of this, thank you for spending your time! also, tell me an interesting thing that has happened to you this week, or your favorite color.