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Your moms house - United States
“Let’s go practice medicine.”

(Warning, my page holds a lot of dark themes.)

Welcome to my page! As you can see, yes I’m a funny little tf2 roleplayer. But I of course can do other characters, I’ll be posting some of them into separate blogs once I get the time! For the time being, feel free to ask to roleplay with me! Some little notes about Medic: lore wise, it’s not fully known what age he is from what I’ve seen but I figure he’s about 46 or so and he’s a 6 foot German doctor who is absolutely insane.

When it comes to rules, I don’t have very many. Just don’t be weird, no homophobic comments, don’t be racist, don’t be disgusting. Just be a common human being.

Some warnings for my page, I do like very detailed scenes and it can be rather graphic at times when it comes to describing his medical procedures but tell me if you want me to tone it down and I happily will. But please be 18 or above as I don’t feel comfortable messaging or roleplaying with minors.

Other than that, feel free to message me and I hope we can start up something!

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Hello, my little doves. I’m very sorry for my absence. I lost someone very close to me and am still in the grieving process. I will try to be online within the week, I promise.
0  Sep 28th 2022 10:14

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