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[Romance/Plot Ideas]

For canon characters
Abby - Rocco's father finds the boy finally, several years after they had been separated. But not so happy to see that Tommy Miller will not let go of Rocco after he had heard how he was treated by his own flesh and blood, the young man's possessive father, Tony, kills Tommy out of rage and is angered over Rocco's declination to leave Jackson with him. Angered, Rocco tracks his runaway father to the west in the city of Seattle after months of struggling to sleep after the death of the man he felt was a true paternal figure to him. Unfamiliar with the area, Rocco joins the Washington Liberation Front to get a better perspective of Seattle and to toughen himself up. There, he meets Abby. Whether or not she killed Joel or is cross with him is up for decision. Here, Rocco experiences a new level of hell in the war between the WLF and the Seraphites. Somewhere in between, his father is lurking.

Ellie - Rocco and Ellie had known each other ever since Ellie first came to Jackson when Rocco was sixteen. Canonically she is lesbian, but anything can be changed in the world of fan fiction. Possibly they bonded through doing patrols together for Jackson and it grew into something from there.

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Birth Name Rocco Anthony Perry
Nicknames Rocky, Rock
Born September 10th, 2018, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.
Age 21
Gender Male
Height 5’ 11”
Hair Warm Black
Eye Color Chestnut
Build Description Middleweight ectomorph boxer
Markings/Tattoos Roccos has two scars across the right side of his face, another across his left forearm, and a fourth one on the upper right side of his back. His most notable is what appears to be a chemical burn on his left shoulder trap that has a raven's head tattooed over it looking up at the sun, symbolizing his father. The ink is truly to help cover up what remained of the tendrils of fungus that had spread from his bite.
Playby See this account's profile picture
Sexuality Heterosexual
Religion Agnostic
Nationality American
Race Caucasian
Ethnicity Italian-American
Residence Jackson, Wyoming
Occupation Jackson Patrol
Relatives Tony (Father) Unknown, Mary (Mother) Deceased
Associates Ellie Williams (Friend, determinant), Joel Miller (Friend, determinant), Tommy Miller (Surrogate Father), Maria (Surrogate Mother), Reggie (Old Friend)
Pets His dark mahogany male thoroughbred horse, Pyro, and female Calico cat, Patches
Weapons Used His father’s 9mm Beretta, tactical tomahawk, his father’s combat knife, scoped hunting rifle, crossbow, Shivs, Molotov cocktails, nail bombs
Combat/skill Rocco prefers stealth killing, second being striking enemies head on with a melee weapon or his bare hands. Having been trained by his father in his youth how to fight since he was seven years old, his fighting skills are of old world military origin and make him exceptionally dangerous from long or face to face range. Armed and unarmed. He is also quite skilled in parkour to get himself over obstacles and escape enemies. His medical skill is moderate, just enough to patch up any minor injuries he may receive.
Personality Rocco was taught by his father to be level headed in difficult situations. He shows passive-aggressive behavior, having been taught to keep calm in dire situations in order to survive.
He is also quite the romantic, having thought of the idea of a significant other, but those thoughts don't take over his survival instinct.
Rocco has a high level of interest in old world artifacts and lifestyle. At times he thinks he was born in the wrong era.
Hobbies Aside from patrolling, Rocco takes pride in playing his acoustic guitar, collecting old world artifacts, watching old movies, listening to old music on his record player, and sometimes writing poetry.

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[Introduction, and Rules]

I'm 22 years of age in real life, female, and not new to this site, or roleplaying. I will roleplay here, on Discord, or Google Docs! DM for my Discord ID.


1. You must be over eighteen, in and out of character. No exceptions to this rule. The games of The Last of Us are not suitable for minors because of dark, psychological themes and intense violence. I personally don't like roleplaying or talking with minors, anyway.

2. Smvt is earned, not given, no exceptions. If I don't feel comfortable roleplaying with you, accept my decline, please or just leave the roleplay if it's that important to you.

3. I only accept active people. I don't ask for you to reply every ten minutes, but at the least- every few days. But it doesn't mean for you to nudge me every five minutes for a reply to the roleplay or our discussion. I'm either thinking, busy or went to sleep.

4. Rocco is straight, so I only ship him with female characters, end of story. I'd much prefer if she was around his age because it is my character's preference for a romantic partner.

5. Be literate and descriptive and help keep the story flowing. I'm a multipara-novella roleplayer and I will be strict on that. Have a good grasp of English, able to tell the difference between your/you're, they're/there/their and so forth. I just cannot tolerate poor grammar and text talk in and out of character. My minimum is two paragraphs, but that length is usually only done in situations that call for shorter replies such as interactions with my partner's character(s), and or I expect a reaction from them.

6. I don't ask you to be a genius on The Last of Us lore (though I'd prefer it) but please, at least know the gist of it and have played both games. I do not hate Part II in any shape or form, I actually enjoyed it and I'm both Team Ellie and Abby.

7. Not perfect, but I will play canon characters if asked, but Rocco will always be my leading role.

8. I don't do kidnapping plots. That isn't in Rocco's character to kidnap someone. Please stop asking me for this.

9. I've been in the roleplaying community long enough to detect red flags in a conversation. If I say I'm not interested, I don't believe you're my fit. If things are just getting weird or creepy I might end up blocking. Not apologizing for this.

10. I don't roleplay with non-human characters or use settings non-related to the fandom my character is in.

Last Update: 9/16/20
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