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21 / Male / Single
Jackson, Wyoming - United States
Rocco was born in a military quarantine sanctioned in the shambles of Boston, Massachusetts. His mother, Mary, was a combat medic, and his father, Tony was a second class sergeant in the US Army. The boy’s original birth name was Joseph but was changed to Rocco by his father in an attempt to make his mother part of their past and not leave his son with such a “generic” name. Mary died a few days after Rocco was born and his stepmother was killed when he was six years of age. Tony was part of the military’s fight against a faction of rebels known as the Fireflies, who later beat the remnants of the US Army in a long, excruciating conflict that cost countless lives in the end.

After escaping the ashes of the war, his father taught his son everything he needed to know about surviving in the wasteland after the two of them escaped Boston after it was bombed by the military. Having heard of a community called Jackson across the country in Wyoming from some former Fireflies, Tony took Rocco and began to trek across the country in search of peace.

Rocco became split from his father after an attack from the Fireflies, who wanted Rocco for his immunity but was saved by former Firefly, Tommy Miller. Barely escaping alive, he discovered the community of Jackson, where he found his place as a scout when he was sixteen. Ever since, he had been determined to find his father, with not much luck.

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