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22 / Female / Single
United States
Ok so I’m not new here I had another account but it got deleted. I hate doing this but some of y’all dont know how to take a hint. I have some rules please read them before adding me or I will quickly decline.

1:If you add me message me first. If you do not within one day I will unfriend you fast. I will message if I add you.
2:I do not roleplay with Furries I also don’t do anything involving incest,toilet fetishes, foot fetishes or butt stuff.
3:don’t be an a**hole if you don’t like how I roleplay politely tell me don’t just block me or just say your gonna respond but don’t actually ever respond
4:if you have read my rules when you message me tell me what your favorite color is so I know you read them.

@YourFavoriteDaddy is my amazing daddy don’t try to steal him from me or we will have issues

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SamWit asked the question
Q. Did i mess up?
A. No I’m just busy
 Apr 29th 2019 11:01

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Apr 16th 2019 22:20

How’s it going?
Apr 14th 2019 15:56

Hello, how are you?
Mar 30th 2019 22:05

Hi Baby!~
Mar 22nd 2019 10:36

Thanks Ma'am
Mar 13th 2019 05:59

You said I was funny and honestly that is the best compliment I’m ever going to hear so thank you, Max.
Feb 26th 2019 09:11