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Hello. I'm a role-player with a very small amount of limits, but elaborate rules. Despite English not being my first language, I always speak with fancy words. As long as lengthy and odd words do not trigger you, we are likely to get along well.

I only do multi-para and novella role-plays, although a single paragraph is acceptable at times. I can be harsh occasionally, but I never mean to be. I am online at odd hours, and I always reply within three days unless I mention otherwise. I have lots of original characters, and I prefer to play them opposed to canon characters, but I am not averse to role-playing a canon character as long as I know them well. Ask me for a list of verses and canonical characters.

I do not role-play strong sexuality or heavy gore, but I love the darker side of the role-playing world and tend to gravitate towards it. Although I am quite new to medieval things and fantasy, I am willing to give them a try as long as you lead me through it a bit.

I am good at plot-building, but that doesn't mean you get to just lay around while I work on an entire story. It is one of my major triggers, when somebody sends me a friend request with not even the slightest idea of what they want to do. The only thing that triggers me more, is somebody who comes for purely sm*t or only to cause drama with me. Leave me out of your urges to argue, please, for I prefer to have peace with my role-playing partners. (If you get triggered when faced with constructive criticism, do not add me.)

I would also like to mention that I will not share much relevant to my real life. I am a biological female, I am not older than 25, and I am from Asia. Ask for any more information, I will no longer be comfortable with you.

Thank you for reading this. Some characters are in my blog, if you want to check them out. Later.

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I changed my username from opaque to icedcoughy. I just wanted something humorous that didn't sound so similar to Alpaca--
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