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(It's Ya Boy)
19 / Male / Single and Looking
None Ya Business, Nevada - United States
Why hello there! :)

It appears that you've found my account...

I suppose you'd like some info about me...

Well, my name's iLostBoy (I'll give my real name in chat, if I feel inclined to do so), and I've been roleplaying for about 3 years now. I'm not new to this site, incase you were wondering. I love roleplaying! I'll roleplay absolutely anything if I think the idea is interesting enough! With that being said, I find a lot of things interesting, so just add me and throw me your idea. Anyways I think that's about all...

OH YEAH! Please don't ghost me (for those of you who don't know, ghosting means ignoring essentially), it actually really hurts me. I'll give everyone 3 days then I'll message you again. If I don't get reply in another 3 days, I'll unfriend you. I don't believe in blocking people, that's just rude.

Okay, that should be all. Please, send me a friend request! I'm super desperate for friends...

You're still here? Why? There's nothing down here...

Latest Questions

Q. Why are you ignoring me?
A. I told you, I'm very busy.
 Jan 9th 2019 18:53

Q. Competition? But there is no competition, I could easily defeat her to get to you~
A. Ooooh now it's a challenge, hehe~
 Jan 9th 2019 09:54

Latest Comments

Thanks for accepting~
Jan 3rd 2019 23:22

Thanks for the add
Jan 3rd 2019 04:45

Dec 9th 2018 19:03

It's your rwply ya dork
Dec 9th 2018 19:00

I'm coming give me second XD
Dec 9th 2018 18:59

I blush and hug you tightly " yesh! "
Dec 6th 2018 21:23

*hugs*best friends?
Dec 6th 2018 21:10