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22 / Male / Single
I hate the IRS I hate the IRS - United States
so extremely happy in my echo chamber, dni

      ━ ❝ the dude's competing with the sun
            for the center of the universe ❞

chane )
//graphic design is my passion//
- sitting as the only male astronomy major in the room god chooses his strongest warriors
- fighting off every crystal girlie while also lowkey wanting to be them
- the sugar free light blue redbull >>>
- uhhh f*** what else is relatable but niche enough to get ur attention..idk


// Do any of you mfs rp anymore what the f*** is this

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DIe in las vegas really fast
1  4 hours ago

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Q. my culture is white ppl who sound angry all the time its fine u dont need to learn it
A. love to see it babygril
 Dec 2nd 2022 18:55

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like my picture ???
6 hours ago

no one comment so this can look like a cool profile mod
Dec 4th 2022 05:57

you never know, i may be looking forward for it
Dec 2nd 2022 21:15

chances are unlimited with me (not true)
Dec 2nd 2022 20:57

its ok my country is angry white ppl
Dec 2nd 2022 18:55

Dec 2nd 2022 18:45

excuse me sir i was a comment virgin before you came along
Nov 24th 2022 22:32