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"HO- HO- HOLY SH*T-" He found the tape that the Marble Hornets trailer was filmed on. "I FORGOT HOW RIDICULOUS THIS WAS-" He's actually dying of laughter.

//Everyone must witness this. THAC TV is gold in general.//
2  Oct 18th 2021 11:41

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BlindBoi asked the question
Q. Bites his chest and tugs.
A. "wOAH- H-Hey there, EJ, easy hun. Are you hungry or do you just miss me?" He smiled at him.
 Apr 17th 2021 18:54

druggie asked the question
Q. Smacks the back of his head.
A. "tIM WHY-"
 Dec 1st 2020 15:01

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"Mhm, that's exactly what it is. What does it mean?"
Oct 18th 2021 08:19

"Some... Weird... Huh..." Charlie squinted at the blond. "Mostly human but... I don't see a color... I see a symbol..."
Oct 18th 2021 00:55

 ⊰• continuing here since the status was deleted D'8

"I'm doing well!" Jane continues along the leaf peppered path, expecting Brian to follow. "Call me superstitious; I feel like I'm going to be jinxed when I say this but, I feel like I'm finally starting to have some semblance of a normal life."
Sep 24th 2021 18:40

This gap-toothed dork. Feng Min returned his smile in kind. It felt oddly good to help someone out, even if it didn’t pan out and Brian died a horribly slow and painful death. Her ventures in the fog are to thank for this newfound altruism. “Glad to help. Just hope it work, so my effort not in vain either.”
Jul 24th 2021 20:56

As someone who faces death every single day, Feng Min believed it, respected it. She rustled though her back some more before pulling out something wrapped in a cloth. Glass clinks together as she unwrapped the fabric, soon presenting the hooded man with two vials of a clear substance. “Took longer than expected but here, one order of magic water.” From the Plague’s purity fountains. “If it can purge Black Death, it might purge what ever you got. You will throw up a lot...”

Took a moment to give his a sickly visage a once over. “... But it looks like that nothing new to you.” Snort.
Jul 14th 2021 17:08

“Holy sh*t you are stil alive-“

Wasn’t even going to question how but had a feeling she’d be hearing about it. The backpack is slung off her shoulder, where she unzipped and started rummaging through it.
Jul 11th 2021 15:10

“I found you again-“

To be honest, she was surprised the man was holding on. The last time she saw Brian, he was in pretty bad shape. And in all honesty, Feng Min didn’t think she’d make it out of the Fog with fountain water a second time around. The Entity was making it harder just to travel between realms INSIDE the Fog. But here she is, turquoise backpack slung over her shoulder, looking upon a man who she thought for sure had bitten the dust.
Jul 2nd 2021 00:37

"Your friend has been kidnapped by some sadistic French d*ckhead. Tryin' to get people on board to rescue her. You in, kid?"
May 26th 2021 19:57

"Hank Anderson, but that's not your concern. You know Emma Roberts?"
May 26th 2021 19:51

"Hey, are you Brian Thomas?" Hank asked.
May 26th 2021 19:48