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28 / Female / In Like
Fairgarden, Tennessee - United States
Hi there!

I love building believable people in fantastical worlds. Characters with supernatural abilities excite me the most, so I gravitate towards places that leave the mundane world behind. Add that with some romance and I'm sold!
(Hilarious necessary edit: human romance only, thank you.)

MxF or FxF pairings are preferred- I'm happy to play multiple people to accommodate everyone getting what we want out of a story. I prefer 3rd person perspective, and at least 1-2 paragraphs in response.

>>Not accepting anyone with 0 information on their profile<<

I love finding references and making up characters on the spot, but I do have some pre-made ones with suggested plots if you'd like to peruse them for ideas first. You can also read my rules while you're there~

If you need to be told rules such as /don't control my character/ we likely don't have enough in common. Under 21 DNI.

Time zone GMT -4. You may bump me after a few days without a response, -not- because it's been a couple hours and you see me online.

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