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(Mastema Eclipse)
29 / Male / In a Relationship
Louisiana - United States
Welcome to my profile! If you want to be friends, then feel free to hit the add button. I accept all gender, sexual orientation, nationalities and races. I'm an easy person to talk to but I can be blunt and brutally honest at times so if you one of those people who needs everything sugar coated then I'm not your person. Anyways, I roleplay or adapt to any roleplay genres. My length of posting depends on what you post. Oh and one thing: PLEASE for the love of God! If you one of those people who wants a reply on the spot then don't friend request me at all. I do have a life outside of this site. If we are roleplaying and I don't reply in a few days or so (without explaining why I'm gone on my status) then sent a bump and I will reply to it. I sometimes forget so excuse me for that.

If you want to know the person behind the profile then my discord is Chaotic Conspiracy#2129. I don't use Kik anymore but if I get it back then I'll edit and put my Kik.

Have a wonderful day/evening


To @Lea,

Since we met, you been on my mind. Each day with you been magical and I always wonder how life would be with you in it. We always been by each other side through the good and the bad times. My only regret I have is not asking you out a long time ago. I love you with all my heart and I want to be the one that keep you smiling day and night. Also, I want to see you blush as well. There's alot to say about you, but I do know that I love you dearly.

Yours Truly,
Mastema Eclipse

Latest Status

I can honestly say that I'm happy. Happily in love with @Lea and I don't know why I'm blushing as I type this, but its true.
Mood: content
2  Oct 11th 2020 18:45

Latest Questions

Lea asked the question
Q. Hi darling how are you today? :*
A. I'm good and you sweetheart? :*
 Oct 14th 2020 13:41

Q. That’s good!
A. Yep!
 Jan 13th 2020 03:11

Latest Comments

you are amazing Baby thank you for being you
you are incredible
Oct 18th 2020 11:53

I'm sorry darling
Oct 16th 2020 17:49

i thought you going sleep?
Oct 16th 2020 06:17

I will look if it give a movie like that darling
Oct 15th 2020 17:42

well well that sound both great, give it a movie what include both?
Oct 15th 2020 17:26

Hi Darling then i would say i pick up you and we go and you can pick out the movie
Oct 15th 2020 16:49

Hello my darling how about we having today a cinema time? I would pick up you
Oct 15th 2020 05:43

Just to let you know Darling that i think of you. We talk after im back from work and when you awake. Love you Darling
Oct 13th 2020 08:41

Baby you made me right now speechless wow im surprised god baby i love you
Oct 11th 2020 06:45

You are so damn sweet darling and yes you was on my mind all day too even i was working alot you was on my mind
Oct 11th 2020 06:28