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grayy's Blog

ツ rules ツ

1. Mxm only, i’ll only accept female profiles if you do mxm.
2. I’m only comfortable being a bottom :))
3. Nsfw is completely okay but i obviously don’t want it to be the whole plot, i like having some plot too :)
4. I can get bad at replying, i reply mentally and then completely forget to actually reply lmao, you can check up on me after a few days! just please don’t spam me every hour
5. Lets be nice to eachother, role playing is a safe space! Lets not make it stressful
6. Please please please put some effort into replies, at least 5+ lines. If there’s absolutely nothing else you can write it’s fine, i understand it’s not easy for everyone. At least try!!
7. I’m in the uk timezone, but i have a bad sleeping schedule. I’ll normally be active from 9pm-6am :)

that’s all for now! like so i know you read it and i’ll look forward to speaking to you!
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2 | 0 Comments | Apr 12th 2021 21:53