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gravestones's Blog

Rules & Guidelines

‎ ‎- Do not be afraid to greet me in character. That being said, if you do, I expect more than a few sentences. And make it detailed. If you wish to start something right off the bat, I'd like something to truly go off of.
‎ ‎- A 'How do you do?' would be fine.

General Rules
‎ ‎- No, I will not play anyone other than Hu Tao.
‎ ‎- Do not ask if I want to roleplay. Those who do that seem like true fools, as this is indeed a roleplaying site.
‎ ‎- I will not change Hu Tao's personality for you. Take her as she comes or take a hike.
‎ ‎- Do not bring drama here. The only chatter I want out of character is plot development.

Roleplay Rules
‎ ‎- I will truly try my hardest to match your response length, as long as it's nothing more than 5 paragraphs. I do have a life.
‎ ‎- I roleplay in third person, though you can use whatever POV you'd like.
‎ ‎- It would be preferred that responses are written like a book. Not with asterisks or brackets of some sort.
‎ ‎- I will not do something romance based, unless there is chemistry. I will not do something like Hu Tao x Qiqi.
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