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18 / Female / Broken Hearted
West Virginia - United States
I am a guy btw. Ever herd of a TransTrender? thats me fo sho. also im emo to the extremeo. i have a rad bf. turtles are a threat to our national security, fook them. the cars game soundtrack is bodacious. refer to me as beesch or snacc. patrick stump is daddy. i like luigi :) v much. my hairs actually blue now, not brown.

real bio, im not the best at role playing but i enjoy it, especially romantic ones and horror too. i have dyslexia so i may mess up on occasion and i have adhd so i have trouble reading things fully and correctly. i mostly like playing as my oc but i have certain characters for each fandom im comfortable with. another thing, im really not that confident about what i say.

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wallace and gromit

im gonna vomit

i got a glock with your name on it

pacific rim, on blu-ray

i might ruck cick but im not gay
Mood: animated
1  Dec 7th 2018 01:48

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