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(Eva Stone)
18 / Female / Single
United States
"I watched the storm, so beautiful yet terrific."

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1  19 hours ago

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Q. Yay that's so awesome :) :) :) :)
A. yesyes!
 12 hours ago

Q. Are you having fun roleplaying with me because I love Michael and Eva as a couple?
A. yeah! i am as well :)
 12 hours ago

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I love to have a hospital roleplay?
20 hours ago

you are so beautiful and so stunning " god bless you
Mar 11th 2019 01:52

Feb 16th 2019 16:25

did I hurt you
Feb 12th 2019 08:35

"Oy! You there!" The british male yelled to get your attention "I'm Oliver Sykes. The lead vocalist of the band Bring Me The Horizon. But you can also call me Oli, for short." He introduced himself and flashed a charming smile. "I just wanted to say, thanks for accepting my friend request. If you ever want to chat, then send me a message, beautiful."
Feb 4th 2019 14:03

Hey there, are you still interested in our role play?
Jan 5th 2019 08:19

merry Christmas lets play an have fun
Dec 25th 2018 23:52

missing you
Dec 18th 2018 23:52

hello eva stone lets play
Dec 15th 2018 22:41

lets rp are you free
Dec 8th 2018 22:00