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(archie andrews)
21 / Male / Single
Texas - United States

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RolePlay asked the question
Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. but
 Jan 8th 2019 18:18

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As long as I can kiss yours
Feb 9th 2019 20:25

you're the cute one here >:(
Feb 1st 2019 12:51

You're the cute one
accept your fate
Jan 31st 2019 22:14

Jan 31st 2019 18:03

r u d e
Jan 31st 2019 16:48

go ahead, knock yourself out, haha
Jan 28th 2019 20:32

Praise JAYSUS!, I could fulfill my dream of being a soccer mom?, hm?, gonna have to buy me a volvo and have sex with Mr Jones at no24, like REAL soccer moms
Jan 28th 2019 19:45

Because being a true Belieber means stalking him sometimes means going to the store, he bought gay porn, must be for a friend or something?
Jan 28th 2019 19:38


I love you too Archie..
Jan 27th 2019 21:34

I won't ;0
Jan 26th 2019 14:49