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(Penelope "Penny" Quill)
21 / Female / Married
Netherlands , United Kingdom
— The blonde-haired beauty sat on the couch at the club, her finger tapping the rim of the glass in her hand to the beat of the music. Her icey eyes scanned the crowd for the man who she had arrived with that evening. Just another man to distract her, although he didn’t know that. She put a seductive smile on her painted lips as he made his way over to her except this time, her eyes scanned his body. She knew what she wanted. The man sat next to her and played with her long brown hair while the girls fingers ran down his chest. Her eyes watched his every movement and facial expression. She knew he wanted her. Once he admitted that he loved and wanted her, she leaned in and pressed a kiss to his lips. When she pulled back, an almost cynical smile was placed across her lips. She stood up and flattened out the little black dress she wore. “Why thank you so much for the kind words but I don’t do love and romance.” She uttered before exiting the club and heading off to another to find her next form of entertainment.
꧁Penny Quill ꧂

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Reply to me please
Nov 18th 2020 18:19

Lmao he is on his way
Nov 8th 2020 05:44

Glad you know baby girl ;)
Oct 5th 2020 11:17

Alsooo I definitely wouldn’t mind that
Oct 5th 2020 05:43

I love you too dork
Oct 5th 2020 05:43

I love you <3
Sep 6th 2020 16:01

I love you more though
Aug 17th 2020 04:49

Thats my girl, i love you
Aug 17th 2020 04:46

I can’t wait either baby, you have no idea how nervous i am as well
Aug 17th 2020 04:31

Not my fault haha
Jul 31st 2020 01:10