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114 / Male / Its Complicated
hobit hole in the fairy kingdom, Australia
j u s t
a m u s h r o o m
w i z a r d ~ ☆

read my rules before you send a request or accept my request. Im sorry if thats annoying or troublesome but thats just how i am. I do it for you and i expect you to do the same. Anyways... BACK TO THE PROFILE!!!

{ w e l c o m e }
thank you for coming to my profile!! Im glad (´∀`*)
So just some basics as i have my rules in my blog (which you should definitely read by the way)
~ i’m genderfluid!! which means i slide between feeling like a male and feeling like a female althought i generally feel masculine (in a cute-masculinity sense since im not exactly one to be buff and manly aha) so on this site i would prefer if you used he/him or they/them pronouns! It would be greatly appreciated
~ i’m gay! (i like boys) although i’ll still add girls or feminine people but i just wont do a romance plot with any of them but i’ll still do an adventure or fantasy or whatever else
~i’m also quite submissive. I’d like to say im a service dom but im really not..i just cannot play the role of a dom and im sorry about that but thats just what im comfortable with so please do NOT ask me to play a dom character and if you do i will not hesitate to block you. Its just what im comfortable with and you need to respect that

Thank you ~ ♡

A L L C U R R E N T C H A R A C T E R S!!!
all my characters are pulled from my old acc so if you recognise them and think i stole them i would like to say i did not. These characters were created by me and i would be saddened to know if someone else was to use them AT ALL or accuse me of stealing them

Im goning to be inactive till tomorrow!! (⌒▽⌒)

(profile is up to date at the moment so im open to adding people and accepting any requests. please read my rules and check my profile and status updates to see what im up to)

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remember to always check the bottom of my bio to see my activity status!!
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