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(Alex Kapranos)
47 / Male / In Love
Scotland, United Kingdom
Your typical Scot, drinking tea and hating on England and the Queen.
Flaming bisexual making very straight songs, except for that one in the first album, don't mention it.
When I'm not touring I'm most likely writing songs and drinking more tea than usual. But when am I not touring?

1/2 Greek is better than none.

@what @thomson @munchkin - Band mates, best friends

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If we make it out of Instanbul without Rami begging to adopt a cat it will be a miracle.
1  16 hours ago

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Q. you need comments on your profile I love you
A. I love you too you're cute
 Jun 12th 2019 09:13

Q. You suck
A. No you
 Jun 12th 2019 09:12

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gonna marry you soon i swear
Jun 12th 2019 09:13

hello my favourite human in the world
Jun 12th 2019 09:13

Hello there! My name’s McKenna, but most people call me Kenna or Ken ❤️
It’s really lovely to meet you, and I hope to get to know you and maybe we can become friends!
Feel free to ask me anything. ❤️
Also, you have such a nice face shape!!! Sister snatched. Lol
Jan 12th 2019 17:45