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(Alex Kapranos)
47 / Male / Married
Scotland, United Kingdom
⤏Proud Scot
⤏Tea drinker
⤏Very political
⤏Always touring

⤏ Flaming bisexual making straight songs,
except for that one in the first album, don't mention it.

⤏Happy husband & blessed future dad

1/2 Greek is better than none.

@daydreaming - 17.05.19 & 13.09.19 ♡
@what @munchkin - Band mates, best friends

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Nicholas McCarthy / Nick
Guitarist, dad, teletubbyzurückwinker
Loves girls with a strawberry mouth
Used to be in Franz Ferdinand

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Q. you need comments on your profile I love you
A. I love you too you're cute
 Jun 12th 2019 09:13

Q. You suck
A. No you
 Jun 12th 2019 09:12

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right back at you sweet baby ;*
Jul 13th 2019 12:22

gonna marry you soon i swear
Jun 12th 2019 09:13

hello my favourite human in the world
Jun 12th 2019 09:13

Hello there! My name’s McKenna, but most people call me Kenna or Ken ❤️
It’s really lovely to meet you, and I hope to get to know you and maybe we can become friends!
Feel free to ask me anything. ❤️
Also, you have such a nice face shape!!! Sister snatched. Lol
Jan 12th 2019 17:45