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Forum > Crossover > thw horres of the multiversial center (rp reboot)

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Started by Lieutenant_Rira , Aug 4th 2017 20:05

Lieutenant_Rira - Aug 4th 2017 20:05

I left for a trip to new York and didn't post a warning on the last one so I am rebooting this (for plot go to the original)


1.don't be OP or perfect killing another character without permission n*fw

4. No fighting outside of rp

5.3 characters is the limit (except I also play an antagonist so he doesn't count)

6.use at least everything here in my bio template (unless it says optional)

Universe(don't use if your using an OC that isn't from a set universe and if your using an OC from a universe put OC in parentheses)
Powers(only if characters
Skills(things that aren't Powers that are still skills)
Weapons(dont use if your character has no weapons)
Appearance(optional but if the photo is in your gallery I'll check it out)

My bio

Universe:gundam (OC)
Powers:can summon a powerful energy when things get really dire
Skills: she knows martial arts
Weapons: a much suit called Gundam given the name heavy arms with a Gatling gun in place of its lower right arm and it's chest opens up to reveal to 2 rapid fire machine guns built in to its chest it also has a Jet pack and it can detach it's right arm to reveal a laser sword that can be wielded by its left arm

Personality:she is a near brave and fearless fighter unless for example you approach her with a gun and she is unarmed, she also takes survival as her highest priority, she also a little quick to get angry and a little short tempered

Bio:after growing up in a war in torn world rebuilding itself from the tyranny of a an evil empire she joined a freedom fighter group called neos

Appearance: (cause I can't upload pictures with my posts I have a photo of her as my profile photo and I have a more complete version in my gallery

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Lieutenant_Rira - Aug 5th 2017 10:00


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Lieutenant_Rira - Aug 7th 2017 01:42


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