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Started by Sacreddragon , Apr 10th 2023 22:02

Sacreddragon - Apr 10th 2023 22:02

I regret being so kind hearted to those that don't deserve it
I regret that the demon called pride with in my soul causes me to make bad life choices and often not think before i act or speak.
I regret that there's a part of me that is very selfish and twisted in angry and hatred and resentment
Will i find what some would call salvation or will i end up in the so called limbo that many call it.
I want to be able to fully love someone but there's so much of me that hates me self, a human glass vessel.
If i can give people younger than me or those about to go through the same thing some advice if they haven't figured it out. Don't become me a human that causes themselves more pain than they need to, i won't tell you to pray because i don't believe in that.
Jealousy is a green eyed monster that is an ugly sight i would advise people not be that monster, i wish i could turn mine off more often.

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