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Started by Comicwolf , Jul 11th 2019 22:07

Comicwolf - Jul 11th 2019 22:07

i am looking for someone who can rp as batman, tim or nightwing as well as some of the other batboys, i can rp as barbra, villians, my oc and other characters, this idea is a adopt and romance idea

two i need a loki and peter as well as if you can tony, its an idea that my oc would be loki daughter but he would be searching for her because of a spell on her that has him having a hard time finding her. she wouldnt know who her father is but she falls in love with peter...........if tony is involved maybe he can hire her as a intern but no one would know of her powers unless tony somehow finds out or she reveals them......

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Comicwolf - Jul 17th 2019 22:23

i need daredevil

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