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Started by dear , Oct 27th 2021 21:16

dear - Oct 27th 2021 21:16

hey guys!

i'm ely. i've just returned from a somewhat long hiatus. i'm still struggling with my muse just a bit, so i ask you to be patient with me and my reply times (they are TERRIBLE). i'm insanely forgetful, i'm a uni student, i publish on ao3 in my free time- a bunch of stuff, honestly. so i can't always be online, or reply, or even if i am, i might not be in the mood to talk or discuss or reply or anything. so if you're okay with all of these, let's move on to the roleplay themes :-)

a few things about genshin impact on my side.
- i've been playing since last november, and i'm AR 57 right now.
- i play on server eu
- i main xiao and ayaka
- xiao and kazuha are probably my favorite characters, and anemo is my favorite vision
- but despite that, i'm very open to writing different characters AND pairings.
- my main goal would be to write AS xiao, and paired with ONLY canon characters. (preferably aether or lumine, but anyone who canonically fits into it is good too :) )
- i want to write slowburn romance with angst, drama, misunderstandings and similar themes.
- i would love to have a partner who spent a similar amount of time exploring the world of teyvat and their knowledge of the game is good, too.
- above everything else, i would want my roleplaying partners to be my friends, not just writing partners. so i really would like ooc interactions before getting onto the brainstorming part.
- if i had to pick another couple of characters, i could probably write as zhongli, diluc, kaeya, beidou, ningguang, lumine.
- some of my favorite ships are diluc x lumine, childe x lumine, jean x lisa, beidou x ningguang, xiao x lumine, (you can probably guess...)
- yeah. i'm really happy to elaborate any time no matter what question you might have. :) so feel free to add me and message me anytime!

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