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Forum > Suspense > fxf Stockholm syndrome rp with my celebrity oc?

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Started by floofl3boo , Dec 4th 2022 23:29

floofl3boo - Dec 4th 2022 23:29


I've been roleplaying for quite a few years, maybe like 7 on and off? Well I'd consider myself an experienced roleplayer ^^ I've gotten tired of the typically romance(i still love it i just wanna try something a little darker). I already include dark topics in my characters' backstories and in the actual roleplay, but i wanna try a roleplay where my character, Ember, gets kidnapped. They're an actress and a singer/songwriter and pretty popular. Due to previous abusive relationships, however, it's not abnormal for her to on long hiatuses. I don't have much of a plot yet but i want like all the really f***ed up sh*t like torture and sh*t. Just send me a friend request if you're interested.

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