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Started by StealHeart , May 5th 2017 13:45

Spartan203 - May 5th 2017 15:09

Name:Lancer Dakota
Age: 25
Likes:fast cars sports cars muscle cars and cars driving fast and going fast
Dislikes:slow cars going slow and driving slow
Personality:he can be aggressive when he races and if someone insults his car or how he drives but he is nice to his friends
Bio:he grew up in The United Kingdom London and started driving when he was 5 but his parents did not know
his looks: he has dark hair and hazel green eyes and his hair is short he is also thin and muscular
Car: One:1
Car Info: top speed 280.6 not upgraded
0-60 2.6 sec
Horsepower 1340
car looks pic but instead of orang stripes they are green
year 2015

Edited May 10th 2017 16:23

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Spartan203 - May 5th 2017 18:24

(car color is like this but a little different) more black)

Edited May 5th 2017 18:24

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