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Forum > Video Game > Zelda RP anyone?

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Started by Silvermuse , Dec 28th 2018 00:48

Silvermuse - Dec 28th 2018 00:48

Looking for the Legend of Zelda roleplayers! I'll happily rp with either an Oc or Canon (though canon is currently preferred atm), because I reeeeaally wanna have a long term, mature LoZ rp with someone. I am willing to do MxF (wherein I will be the female) or MxM. I have two Ocs ready to use for you to pick from, and when it comes to canon characters, there are a few that interest me.

Dark Link

We can either go along the normal plots and change them a bit or create a new "legend" for our rp. If anyone's interested them comment down below and I'll get back to you as soon as I am able! :3

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Silvermuse - Feb 2nd 2019 21:55

Bump. :P

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