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Started by MisterWrath , Sep 17th 2018 02:02

MisterWrath - Sep 17th 2018 02:02

My name is Misha...I write and definitely enjoy every aspect of it, including the joys of actual written roleplay.
I've actually roleplayed on and off for a good 18 years, with this being my latest return in over sadly...9 years.
In the time I took in the RL and RP world, I had done enough to warrant a multiple book deal for each life and to make two long stories short: I've been around.

My passions lie in knowledge and the discovery of new things, it's why I created my own Martial Training System and School because I just love constantly learning, relearning, absorbing and internalizing new found knowledge to every age old question. I love learning new perspectives over learning simple techniques and in my new found system, I push the boundaries as much as I can.

This goes the same with my RP Life, having started as a basic "one-liner speed fighter" in teen chat sites before I was really a teen and finally settling in my preferred Roleplay combat style of T-1 Realistic.

I've been to many sites and to say it goes a long way back is an understatement considering so many of them are now gone and forgotten with the latest place I had inhabited nearly 9 years back called RC (RealChat).

I was avid in fighting then, having many friends who ended up gracing the Grand Tournament website before it all died away with the top 1000 T-1 and T-2 Fighters in the world.

Roleplay is a dying art, technology has made words obsolete and replaced it with the power of intense interaction through VR Visors, Controllers, Phones and Video or Animated Chat Avenues...I come from a time when you needed to dial-up internet and hear a loud screeching wail with some staccato pings and pongs before you knew you were online and it was a time when your MSN Messenger and Hotmail was everything while some moved to Yahoo and others on AOL. Roleplay was young then, vibrant and full of crazy life where you could run into a multitude of digital cosplayers who would act out as Goku, Vash, Alucard while others like myself just roleplayed as characters we created.

In a text-based real time chatroom, we had to speak in a mingle of regular chatters, one-line fighting roleplayers, a paragraph from some's T-1 Fight and the occasional "a/s/l?" from random people wanting to butt into our conversations. It was chaotic but hella-fun.

As time grew, of course, RP found small places where RPers can be amongst their own and with it came the wonderful world of Forums as I got to witness, the return of dice-based RPGs played out online. A whole world burst forth for RPers to enjoy, Anime fans found sites dedicated to their kind while Serious RPers launched huge campaigns in designated RP sites that revolved completely around the world they created.

I had the honor of seeing all that blossom before my eyes but just as I witnessed it's beautiful birth...I also witnessed it inevitable end...I watched amazing RPers and writers fade away, their wonderous works lost with the wipeout of internet domains. No one will ever recall the great fights of Nonpareil and the enigmatic Destin Zenoda or that of the deadly indomitable woman of prose, Amicus. No one will remember Labefacto and it's leader Vine or Zumavode as he was called or before them the faction of the MASTERS or before them the faction of DK...Soulless, many clans, many stories, all forgotten wars. I had the honor of being in 3 interserver wars, I watched invasions and led a few to such places as teenhub/teenspot, justachat, IRC, I witnessed the AF/RC war and the Metawerx invasion...I had been in too many wars and battles it's impossible to remember the actual number but what I could remember was I had friends in those eras which I will never see again grace the Internet.

So who really knows how to begin on these things?

Where do I start?

Or rather...

Where will I finish?

Only time will tell.

- Misha Askar

Edited Sep 17th 2018 02:06

Heart this

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