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Forum > Out of Character > What is your favorite oc?

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Started by CrustyButtons , Mar 19th 2023 08:58

CrustyButtons - Mar 19th 2023 08:58

We all have a favorite oc we enjoyed writing. Be it a new one, or even one you wrote so long ago it's a distant memory! What's your fave one?

Mine has got to be my Oc: Logan Westrose.
Logan is the promiscuous type, but he believes in bodily autonomy and uses it as a means of getting back at his crime-lord father, and to claim some authority over his life.
He's got pink hair, loves the color pink, and loves peaches. He also loves his boyfriend!

Tell me about your oc! Or your favorite story if you have one?

Edited Mar 19th 2023 08:58

Heart this

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