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Started by Shadey , Jan 30th 2017 15:31

Shadey - Jan 30th 2017 15:31

Peering over your shoulder was an eight-foot figure. No eyes pulsing skin adorned in all black tattered cloth. Its mouth was all fangs sharp teeth and mandible. Black slime dripping from its mouth. Though its mouth was at the top rather than the bottom so it basically had it's head upside down. It had four tendrils and long elongated black claws it's tall form twisted and launched over.
You wake up and find yourself lost confused and trapped in what appears to be a strange sewer and as you further explore your surroundings you come face to face with an abnormal creature of unknown origins and it looks that it found its next meal. and all you can remember pass your own fear is

Who am I?
A survival base roleplay

Don't control others
Swearing is fine
No god modding
Survival base so no super powers sorry supernatural fans

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Shadey - Feb 5th 2017 22:35

I hope so. I hope i can keep it up. You can post your character info. Anything you want you think is important or even add your own hidden twist. Go right ahead. Let's bounce some ideas around or just jump in.

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Shadey - Feb 13th 2017 10:50

Go for it. Add whatever character info you think is important. Name, age, appearances etc. You can have as many characters as you like as long as you can keep up with them. If you decide you are no longer interested. Please let me know. Other wise have fun and...Don't get killed))

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Lieutenant_Rira - Feb 18th 2017 03:25

2 things (1 do we work together?) 2 i'll be krystal

age:unkown(in her 20s)


skills: telepathy 3

personality: compassionate can sometimes get her in trouble

appearance: my profile picture is of her

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Shadey - Feb 25th 2017 22:30







Weaknesses :

Survival pack: If you escape from the monster there will be a pack found in the only room that is unlocked in the dingy halls. Its battered dirty but it has what you need. For now. You may find more along the way.If anyone ever wants to control the monster say. "My turn to tame the beast." If more than one person wishes to control them than thse who wish to control the creature have to pick a number from 1 to 6 and ill roll a dice to make the final call. Once you no longer wish to control it say. "The beast is free" Other wise Ill control it. Also sorry for not getting back to this one for a while.
((This might help and skills are great to have but nothing supernatural for this one please.

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Shadey - Mar 24th 2017 18:09

((And yeah you guys can work together if you like))

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