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Started by verruckt , Sep 9th 2021 21:00

verruckt - Sep 9th 2021 21:00

Hello, I am Verruckt!
I have always wanted to find a forum type website where I can Roleplay. I have roleplayed a few times before. Roleplayed many times on Grand theft auto 5 when I use to play PS4 and a few times in peoples PM's on various apps long ago.
I'm into more realistic type roleplays such as Zombies, Horror, Crime, War (specifically WW2) Real life and so on. So more of darker, violent and grime Roleplays.
I respect everyone (But I'm a realist so Don't expect me to play along with pronouns and what not) but do not be upset if a fictional character I'm roleplaying as does or says something offensive.
Feel free to message me whenever, I'm up to roleplay or talk
I will be looking forward to meeting new people and doing interesting roleplays.

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