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Started by Gaster , Oct 31st 2018 04:08

Gaster - Oct 31st 2018 04:08

hey fam, i'm kinda? new here? and i don't know about the undertale community here but i'd really love to get one going to excite my muse and all. i'm open to most AUs, as long as it's reasonable and not... yenno, ridiculously op'd or something. i've held myself off from underswap because for the longest time it seemed really lazy to me but i've recently developed a weakness for swap!pap. underfell's cool though, i do like.

...and grillby, all the grillbies. gimme all the grillbies i friggin' love 'em.

i don't mind writing on forum or through pm's! i'd really, really prefer at least a semi-paragraph... but i can do one liners too, i guess. just wouldn't be as hyped, haha.

hit me up below with what you want, i gotchu fam. my muses are mainly grillby (nobody saw that coming), gaster, and a few original characters.

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Delighted773 - Dec 28th 2018 06:31

i don't even know if this is still alive or you're still even alive, but fam! Can I rp UT with you, like classic, no au's unless either of us decided to add it in for the mix, i really wanna explore the UT universe aha, not exactly on the UA/AUs sicne they're pretty much overdone rn imo.

And can't blame ya on the US, i prefer the original one or the one explored by jasp since she tried to stick to the OG than the fandom one. The whole uwu soff boi deal makes me pukey, even with UT Papyrus and Frisk.

Mood on the grillby's tho. MOOD. If you want, we can do an rp that has Grillz in it.

I haven't RPed in a while, but I really want to explore Paps as a character mainly. Though I'm pretty much open to anyone really.
I mainly respond in either semi paragraphs or paragraphs and never really go out of that unless I'm doing more than one character or something.

Edited Dec 28th 2018 06:34

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SpiderDude118 - Dec 30th 2018 13:06

I have a bunch of OC's I can roleplay. Other than that, I can do Sans, Papyrus, Gaster, and I can roleplay the lesser enemies, but to a lesser extent.

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