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Started by Kawaii , Oct 6th 2019 19:19

Kawaii - Oct 6th 2019 19:19

I already to a few convoluted roleplays but I’m looking to be thrilled, to want to see what’s next. So, if you are interesting in scaring, torturing, tormenting, abusing, forced loving, slaughtering, or anything else to my character (Yes, Yes, Kawaii is the name. Dumbest thing ever, right?) then please comment or add me (I prefer that you add.) and btw, I loveeee random starters and I doubt anything is off limits.

(Looks may vary, I usually change them through roleplays. If you have a particular personality/personalities from below that you prefer for her, please, let me know :3)
Loli type
Sexy but innocent
Hopeless romantic
Clueless wanderer
Adoring Fan
Thrill Seeker
Trap (only in few cases so I make Ka male and look female! Special request only!)
And many more that you could name

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